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Affordable Booth Rentals

Vendor Booth Rentals Available Every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday

At Farmers Market Flea Market, we are happy to offer you a booth rental every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday, all-year long, for a low daily or monthly fee. Whether you are selling food, fresh produce, antiques, or new merchandise, we have the booth you need to help you sell your items.

We have over 500 new vendor spaces, designed to provide you an excellent experience. We also have remodeled restrooms for your convenience.

Tuesday Covered Booth Rentals

  • Comes with two 8-foot tables
  • Rented by the month
  • $15 rental fee for 1 morning if available (see the manager for setup)
  • During summer, setup begins at 5:30 AM - 6:00 AM
  • Winter setup begins at 6:30 AM - 7:30 PM
  • Shelter “C” is first-come first-serve (no reserved spaces)
  • All reserved spaces held until 7:30 AM then available to any day vendors

Tuesday Open Space Rentals

  • $7 rental fee for 1 morning
  • Bring your own tables and covers
  • Park at the back of your open space
  • Cleanup your own space
  • Day spots available if the post does not have a red “R”. Spaces with a red “R” are reserved monthly

Friday and Saturday Booth Rentals

Friday and Saturday: Vendor set up only $5 for both covered and open space rentals!

Booth Cleanup Is Expected After Each Use

Don't leave a mess for the next vendor to cleanup. Please ensure that after each Tuesday, your booth rental is left the way that you found it.
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today to find out more about booth rentals.
You never know what you're going to find at our old-fashioned flea market.

We are the largest flea market in NC on Tuesdays.
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