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Farmers Market Flea Market of Lexington, NC provides a venue for vendors to sell their products to buyers. The Farmer's Market Flea Market has been around for over 50 years. It is still an old fashioned flea market ( its not a flea market unless there is dirt under your feet ). Most of what you will find is produce, antiques, yard sale items, and new merchandise. Our set up fees are 15.00 for a covered shed and 7.00 for
open field spaces. We are open ONLY on Tuesdays. From dawn til all the dealing is done ( around 12:00PM ). We have about 250 to 300 vendors ( weather permitting ).

Wholesale - Lexington, NC - Wholesale Alley

Services Offered:

  • Accessories wholesalers and furniture wholesalers
  • Leather wholesalers, flags wholesalers, and belt wholesalers
  • Nascar wholesalers and die cast cars wholesalers
  • Blanket wholesalers and linen wholesalers
  • Jewelry wholesalers and Harley - Davidson Wholesalers
  • Clothing wholesalers: dress shirts, girl's dresses, jeans, ladies, men's, socks and more
  • Toy wholesales and doll wholesalers
  • Gift item wholesalers and general merchandise wholesalers
  • Transfer wholesalers and t - shirt wholesalers
  • Wallet wholesalers and sunglasses wholesalers
  • Wedding dress wholesalers and wedding supplies wholesalers
For interested vendors / sellers, we have weekly and monthly booths and open air spots, each location affordably priced ( Starting as low as $7.00 per day ). You can effectively sell to hundreds of potential customers for almost nothing.
Call Wholesale Alley at 336-248-2157 for inquiries.

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Hours of Business:
Tuesdays 7:30 am - 1:00 pm